Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Springsteen and Purple all criticize the Trump administration’s response to the George Floyd protests and the worldwide pandemic.


Dwayne Johnson is restful on high.

The motion star is the No. 1 perfect-paid actor on Forbes’ annual list, for the 2d year in a row. But this time, he’s no longer joined by four Wonder Avengers in the cease ten, as he was as soon as final year.

Many of the recent class of high-earners got a little bit of their mountainous paychecks from Netflix and various streaming companies and products. Forbes’ payday estimates judge earnings between June 1, 2019, and June 1, 2020. The list of perfect-paid female actors, which Scarlett Johansson led with $56 million final year, will most likely be out next month. 

Here is a stumble on at who’s on the list and what they made:

Sask Métis News – Dwayne Johnson

Earnings estimate: $87.5 million

Alongside with cashing a mountainous test for his Netflix movie “Red Stumble on” – Forbes stories it was as soon as price $23.5 million – Johnson is restful selling his a success Below Armour line, full with footwear, garments and headphones. The mountainous assessments will protect coming in, as he plans to create his DC superhero debut.

Sask Métis News – Ryan Reynolds

Earnings estimate: $71.5 million

Forbes stories that Reynolds made bigger than $20 million for each of his most modern Netflix movies, “Six Underground” and “Red Stumble on.” It’s no wonder he offered a mighty reward for a lost teddy endure.

Sask Métis News – Set Wahlberg

Earnings estimate: $58 million

Wahlberg has made tens of millions producing the series “McMillions” and “Wahl Avenue.” He had a mountainous Netflix movie in the previous year, too: “Spenser Confidential.”

Sask Métis News – Ben Affleck

Earnings estimate: $55 million

Yes, he was as soon as also in a Netflix movie, “The Final Thing He Wanted.” He also starred in “The Draw Advantage.”

Sask Métis News – Vin Diesel

Earnings estimate: $54 million

Diesel restful got a “Like a flash & Inflamed” pay day – for producing Netflix series “Like a flash & Inflamed Witness Racers” – nevertheless the subsequent movie, “F9,” was as soon as moved to next year.

Sask Métis News – Akshay Kumar

Earnings estimate: $48.5 million

The Bollywood star has lots of endorsement offers and could be starring in an Amazon Top series known as “The Pause.” He also made final year’s list.

Sask Métis News – Lin-Manuel Miranda

Earnings estimate: $45.5 million

Forbes stories that mighty of Miranda’s earnings comes from Disney procuring the rights to his Broadway production of “Hamilton,” which is now streaming on Disney Plus. The movie adaptation of his Broadway show “Within the Heights” is out next year.

Sask Métis News – Will Smith

Earnings estimate: $44.5 million

No stranger to this Forbes ranking, Smith returns to the list this implies that of his accepted stream of lead substances and aspect initiatives admire his Snapchat series.

Sask Métis News – Adam Sandler

Earnings estimate: $41 million

Though he is no longer a field-problem of job draw admire the others on the list and his self sustaining movie “Uncut Gem stones” did no longer develop him a mountainous test, Sandler’s been a success on Netflix since signing a four-movie deal for $250 million in 2014, Forbes stories. His movie “Extinguish Mystery” was as soon as standard on the streamer this year.

Sask Métis News – Jackie Chan

Earnings estimate: $40 million

The movie account had endorsements, licensing offers and 5 movies in the previous year. 

From 2019: Forbes’ list of perfect-paid actors


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