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Métis – Trump says he downplayed coronavirus threat


Métis – Trump says he downplayed coronavirus threat

**Want FOX News Halftime Report in your inbox every day? Sign up here.**On the roster: Trump says he downplayed coronavirus threat – I’ll Tell You What: Be of good cheer – Unrest doesn’t disrupt Biden’s Wisconsin advantage – Trump fundraising lags Biden by more than 40 percent – The allure of Appalachian foie grasTRUMP SAYS…

Métis – Trump says he downplayed coronavirus threat

Métis –

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On the roster: Trump says he downplayed coronavirus risk – I’ll Expose You What: Be of fair cheer – Unrest doesn’t disrupt Biden’s Wisconsin advantage – Trump fundraising lags Biden by bigger than 40 percent – The attract of Appalachian foie gras


WaPo: “President Trump’s head popped up at some level of his top-secret intelligence briefing within the Oval Office on Jan. 28 when the discussion grew to turn out to be to the coronavirus outbreak in China. ‘This would possibly perhaps well perhaps be the most well-known national security risk you face to your presidency,’ national security adviser Robert C. O’Brien steered Trump, per a fresh ebook by Washington Put up partner editor Bob Woodward. … Ten days later, Trump known as Woodward and printed that he thought the topic modified into some distance extra dire than what he had been announcing publicly. … At that time, Trump modified into telling the nation that the virus modified into no worse than a seasonal flu, predicting it would possibly perhaps well perhaps soon proceed and insisting that the U.S. executive had it entirely beneath modify. It would possibly perhaps well perhaps be several weeks sooner than he would publicly acknowledge that the virus modified into no frequent flu and that it is going to be transmitted during the air. Trump admitted to Woodward on March 19 that he deliberately minimized the hazard. ‘I needed to persistently play it down,’ the president acknowledged.”

Says navy leaders ‘a bunch of pu**ies’ – NYT: “President Trump denigrated senior American navy officers when he steered his alternate adviser, Peter Navarro, at some level of a gathering in 2017 that his top generals had been frequent and overly bearing in thoughts their relationships with allies, per a fresh ebook by the journalist Bob Woodward. And in a discussion with Mr. Woodward, Mr. Trump known as the US navy ‘suckers’ for paying in depth prices to guard South Korea. … In the 2017 assembly, Mr. Woodward quoted Mr. Trump as telling Mr. Navarro that ‘my f***ing generals are a bunch of pu**ies. They care extra about their alliances than they attain about alternate deals.’ At one other level in Mr. Woodward’s ebook, ‘Rage,’ Mr. Trump’s frequent protection secretary, Gen. Jim Mattis is quoted as telling the frequent director of national intelligence that Mr. Trump is ‘abominable’ and ‘unfit’ for the presidency.”

Trump intel chief remained unnerved about Putin leverage on president – Axios: “Outdated director of national intelligence Dan Coats can also not shake his ‘deep suspicions’ that Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘had one thing’ on President Trump, seeing ‘no assorted rationalization’ for the president’s habits, per Bob Woodward’s fresh ebook…. Coats modified into the president’s top intelligence legit from March 2017 except August 2019. Woodward reports that Coats and his workers examined the intelligence regarding Trump’s ties to Russia ‘as in moderation as conceivable’ and that he ‘restful questions the connection’ between Trump and Putin regardless of the boring absence of intelligence proof.”

Military chief rebuts Trump claim of corruption in service – Politico: “The Military’s top total defended navy leaders on Tuesday after President Donald Trump accused them of going to war to assign protection contractors ‘elated,’ announcing he and others assign the dedication to ship troops into combat ‘very, very critically.’ Military Chief of Workers Gen. James McConville declined to pronounce particularly on Trump’s remarks to newshounds on Monday, but defended the Pentagon brass against the accusation that they are beholden to arms manufacturers. ‘I’ve talked with generals, I’ve talked with admirals, I’ve talked with [sergeants major] … a very good deal of these leaders bear sons and daughters who bear long past to combat or shall be in combat fair now. So I will be capable to state the American these that senior leaders would biggest suggest sending troops to combat when or not it is required in national security, or as a closing resort,’ McConville acknowledged at some level of an event held Tuesday by Defense One.”


“We must always receive the blow, sooner than we can also even prepare to come abet it.” – Alexander Hamilton, writing about how an absence of total protection makes repelling attackers more durable, Federalist No. 25


Smithsonian: “…[Georgetown University has] been re-appraising the college’s racist past for years. In 1838, when the Jesuit college modified into deep in debt, its president, Reverend Thomas F. Mulledy, sold 272 dusky males, females and children to Louisiana plantations to assign the college afloat. Three years within the past, Georgetown pulled Mulledy’s title off a dormitory, changing it with the title of enslaved laborer Isaac Hawkins. … What makes Georgetown’s reflective second most outstanding, alternatively, and advanced, is that 35 years after Mulledy salvaged the college’s finances by promoting human property, the college would possibly perhaps well perhaps be led by a one who, himself, modified into born enslaved. The chronicle of Georgetown president Reverend Patrick Francis Healy finds how a college constructed by enslaved persons, and rescued from give draw by the sale of enslaved persons, saw its ‘second founding’ within the slack 19th century beneath the guidance of a particular person whom the Jesuits knew had been born dusky but helped ‘pass’ as white.”

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Trump: 42.6 percent   

Biden: 51.2 percent   

Size of lead: Biden by 8.6 aspects   

Change from one week within the past: Biden no exchange, Trump ↓ 0.4 aspects   

[Average includes: CNN: Trump 43% – Biden 51%; Quinnipiac University: Trump 42% – Biden 52%; USA Today/Suffolk: Trump 43% – Biden 50%; Grinnell/Selzer: Trump 41% – Biden 49%; ABC News/WaPo: Trump 44% – Biden 54%.]   


(270 electoral votes desired to take)

Toss-up: (109 electoral votes): Wisconsin (10), Ohio (18), Florida (29), Arizona (11), Pennsylvania (20), North Carolina (15), Iowa (6)

Lean R/Likely R: (180 electoral votes)

Lean D/Likely D: (249 electoral votes)


Practical approval: 42.8 percent   

Practical disapproval: 53.2 percent   

Score In finding: -10.4 aspects

Change from one week within the past: ↑ 1.2 aspects   

[Average includes: Monmouth University: 42% approve – 55% disapprove; CNN: 41% approve – 54% disapprove; Quinnipiac University: 43% approve – 54% disapprove; USA Today/Suffolk: 45% approve – 52% disapprove; Grinnell/Selzer: 43% approve – 51% disapprove.]  


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This week, Dana Perino and Chris Stirewalt focus on Chris’ “5 Key Counties to Peruse” for the 2020 election, the Republicans who are in better form than they had been in just a few key Senate races, and the debate around the Trump Campaign’s cash present. Plus, Dana will get a new coat of Essie “Mademoiselle,” we hear listener reports, and Chris solutions presidential cabinet trivia. LISTEN AND SUBSCRIBE HERE


Marquette Legislation Faculty: “A fresh Marquette Legislation Faculty Pollin Wisconsin finds limited exchange in voting preferences or attitudes within the wake of shootings and protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in slack August. In early September, Democratic frequent Vice President Joe Biden is the preference of 47 percent of doubtless voters and Republican President Donald Trump is supported by 43 percent. Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen is the preference of 4 percent, while 7 percent boom they would vote for none of these candidates, didn’t know how they would vote or declined to boom. In August, sooner than the events in Kenosha, Biden modified into supported by 49 percent and Trump by 44 percent, with 6 percent not selecting either. Jorgensen modified into not incorporated within the August ballot. In June among doubtless voters, Biden had 50 percent and Trump 44 percent, with 6 percent not selecting either.”

Dominates in Pennsylvania – NBC Info: “Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump by a 9-level margin among doubtless voters in Pennsylvania, a key swing converse where Biden modified into born, per a fresh NBC Info/Marist ballot. The gawk finds that Biden and his working mate, Sen. Kamala Harris of California, secure the strengthen of 53 percent of doubtless Pennsylvania voters, as compared with 44 percent who abet Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. In 2016, Trump barely bested Hillary Clinton within the converse by much less than 1 share level. Trump will get upside-down job approval from the Keystone Inform, despite the indisputable truth that he restful maintains an advantage on facing the economy. And Biden is doing much better among suburban voters and whites than Clinton did four years within the past. Forty-five percent of doubtless voters boom they approve of the job the president is doing, while 52 percent detest. And ethical 44 percent bear a favorable influence of Trump, while 54 percent bear a foul one.”

Crushing Trump in Pennsylvania advert war – The Philadelphia Inquirer: “Joe Biden’s marketing campaign spent $10 million on tv promoting in Pennsylvania closing month, as the Democratic nominee maintained his lead within the polls and President Donald Trump halted his TV spending within the converse. The Biden marketing campaign spent a further $5 million through Labor Day, while Trump remained off the Pennsylvania airwaves at some level of the main week of September, per the advert tracking agency Selling Analytics. In all, Biden outspent Trump by $15 million to zero over the route of about five weeks. The spending advantage is indispensable provided that Trump obtained Pennsylvania by much less than one share level in 2016 and faces a somewhat slim path to reelection. It’s also a signal that the Trump marketing campaign has burned through much of the massive cash advantage it constructed at some level of the Democratic main contest.”

Biden furious about rebuilding Blue Wall – AP: “In 2016, Donald Trump tore down Democrats’ ‘blue wall,’ successful the White Condo with surprise victories in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. This year, Joe Biden is making an strive and rebuild. The Democratic presidential nominee’s first pandemic-generation marketing campaign journeys past his house in Delaware are taking him to all three states, a signal of how carefully Biden’s electoral prospects are tied to his ability to flip these political battlegrounds. Final week, Biden traveled to Wisconsin and modified into followed posthaste by working mate Kamala Harris, who held her bear events there on Labor Day. On Wednesday, Biden heads to Michigan to tout a thought for reinforcing U.S. manufacturing. He also has two stops scheduled this week in Pennsylvania. Though the Biden marketing campaign in total emphasizes that it sees extra than one ways to get the 270 Electoral College votes it wants to soak up November, the quickest path runs through Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.”

Populist thought on outsourcing – Fox Info: “Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden unveiled a thought to support American workers on Wednesday, promising a assortment of govt actions and blaming President Trump for a producing recession. Key aspects of ‘The Biden-Harris Conception to Fight for Workers by Handing over on Purchase The US and Comprise It in The US’ consist of a penalty against American companies that offshore manufacturing and restore jobs to assorted worldwide locations after which sell abet to the U.S. market. It also calls for a ‘Made in The US’ tax credit. ‘President Trump talks and talks – but he has failed to speak outcomes for American workers,’ acknowledged an outline of the thought from the Biden-Harris marketing campaign. ‘That ends beneath the Biden-Harris administration.’ The offshoring penalty would consist of a 10% surtax on top of a 28% corporate tax rate. The thought particularly notes that it would possibly perhaps well perhaps dispute to call facilities or assorted services and products that American companies location in assorted worldwide locations to succor the American market, when these jobs shall be within the U.S.”


Fox Info: “The Trump marketing campaign and Republican Nationwide Committee raked in $210 million in August … short of the sage-smashing quantity Democratic nominee Joe Biden and the Democrats introduced in at some level of the identical length of time. The Biden marketing campaign and Democratic Nationwide Committee announced closing week that they’d introduced in an extraordinary $364.5 million in August. A senior Trump marketing campaign legit steered Fox Info on Wednesday that the marketing campaign, all steered, has raised bigger than $1.3 billion for the reason that starting place. The selling campaign’s cash-on-hand figure modified into not obvious.”

Trump hones in on Harris to support with Roman Catholic voters – AP: “Rapidly after Joe Biden tapped Kamala Harris as his working mate, some conservatives began making an strive to picture her as anti-Catholic — a line of assault that President Donald Trump’s marketing campaign continues to originate bigger as Democrats court Roman Catholic voters. The price stems in segment from questions Harris posed in 2018 to a federal judicial nominee about his membership within the Knights of Columbus, a lay Catholic fraternal group. Harris asked the nominee if he agreed with the anti-abortion views of the group’s leader, views that broadly align with the church’s stance. It infected Republicans on the time, with one senator authoring a dedication to verify the constitutional ban on non secular assessments for federal officers and converse that membership within the Catholic group isn’t ‘disqualifying.’ Now that Harris is Biden’s working mate, conservatives are replaying the second to strive and chip on the skilled-abortion-rights Democratic designate’s appeals to non secular voters.”


AP: “The Senate prepared to vote this week on a trimmed-down Republican coronavirus support kit, despite the indisputable truth that it biggest has a slim likelihood of passage within the face of Democrats’ insistence for added sweeping abet. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell released the roughly $500 billion measure on Tuesday as senators returned to Washington for an abbreviated pre-election session, but hopes had been dimming for one other coronavirus support invoice — or much else. Republicans struggling to assign their Senate majority this tumble bear been divided, with some GOP senators in shut races anxious to answer extra to the pandemic, at the same time as conservatives are dreary of the final spending and passing laws in dwell efficiency with liberal Condo Speaker Nancy Pelosi. … Republican senators equivalent to Susan Collins of Maine are alive to to show constituents they are continuing to work to ease the pandemic’s disastrous impact… But many Senate Republicans are resisting extra spending, and the scaled-abet invoice is roughly half the scale of a measure McConnell unveiled earlier this summer season.”

Pergram: Members jockey as congressional leadership elections loom – Fox Info: “Election Day falls on Nov. 3. But one other region of main elections falls in slack November or early December on Capitol Hill. These are inside leadership elections staged by both events within the Condo and Senate. Spoiled-and-file contributors vote within the Condo and Senate Democratic caucuses on their secure collectively leaders. The identical unfolds within the Condo and Senate Republican conferences. These elections in total set up the route of laws and region the face of the secure collectively. The outcomes typically reverberate for years, if not many years. We’ve written sooner than that decisions made in congressional leadership elections are ‘particle politics.’ You’ve heard of ‘partisan politics.’ But the decisions made as to who matriculates to succor as Condo and Senate leaders are made on the subatomic political stage. Usually political fate intervenes on the macro-stage and sidelines a doable rising indispensable particular person.”


Outdated top Republican election lawyer warns his secure collectively to dial abet election fraud hyperbole WaPo

No surprises in Unusual Hampshire, Rhode Island primaries Roll Name

WSJ Ed. Page: ‘Biden needs to originate the marketing campaign a referendum on Trump. He’s succeeding with Trump’s support.’ WSJ


“It’s exhausting to demonize folks you utilize time with day-after-day.” Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., in a WSJ op-ed offering a listing of reforms to revive the Senate from its doldrums, including the introduction of dormitories for senators to piece.

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WDRB: “A Smithfield, Kentucky, man is accused of stealing a K-9 from the Henry County Sheriff’s Office. His bait of preference? Vienna sausages. Primarily based on an arrest document, 26-year-usual Brandon Harmon modified into arrested on Aug. 26. The incident began when a deputy with the Henry County Sheriff’s Office modified into despatched to Goodlett Circle, in Smithfield, after any individual acknowledged Harmon modified into trespassing on their property. When the deputy found Harmon, he asked the deputy for a tear to McCoun Boulevard, where Harmon acknowledged he would stamp a weed trimmer that had been stolen. … At that level, Harmon modified the topic and asked … what had took place to [the Sheriff’s Office] K-9 that had been taken from a deputy’s property on Aug. 8. … When confronted about what he knew … Harmon allegedly steered the deputy that he ‘had one thing to achieve with it.’ ‘I coaxed him out with Vienna sausages,’ Harmon steered the deputy, per the arrest document.”


“A future trivia anticipate and historical footnote, the spectacular 10-day flameout of Anthony Scaramucci qualifies as the most spirited episode yet of the continuing fact show that is the Trump presidency.” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) writing within the Washington Put up on Aug. 3, 2017.

Chris Stirewalt is the politics editor for Fox Info. Brianna McClelland contributed to this document. Desire FOX Info Halftime Story to your inbox day-after-day? Register right here.

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