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Métis Nation Saskatchewan – Facebook’s CIO Builds Products For Facebook First And Then For The World


Métis Nation Saskatchewan – Facebook’s CIO Builds Products For Facebook First And Then For The World

A giant digital sign is seen at Facebook’s corporate headquarters campus in Menlo Park, California. AFP via Getty Images The chief information officer role at a technology firm is, by definition, challenging. Unlike most firms where the preponderance of technology talent resides in the IT department, at a tech-centric firm, engineering talent is everywhere, and…

Métis Nation Saskatchewan – Facebook’s CIO Builds Products For Facebook First And Then For The World

Métis Nation Saskatchewan

Métis Nation Saskatchewan - US-IT-TECH-FACEBOOK
A extensive digital mark is considered at Facebook’s company headquarters campus in Menlo Park, California.


AFP via Getty Images

The chief records officer role at a know-how company is, by definition, important. In difference to most firms where the preponderance of know-how abilities resides in the IT department, at a tech-centric company, engineering abilities is in every single place, and CIOs need to collaborate with colleagues who, now and again, yelp they would even produce the CIO job better than the CIO.

Convey regarding the grief of being the CIO of Facebook. No longer most productive is it a know-how company; it’s miles one in all the quintessential know-how firms. The present CIO is Atish Banerjea. He’s to blame for 3 key capabilities at Facebook:

  • The Set apart organization, that specializes in constructing tools and products for Facebook to provide our workers the most easy and environment pleasant in doing their jobs. “As against buying a third-acquire together tool, which goes to provide a mediocre job meeting the employees’ wants right thru the corporate, we fabricate quite a lot of the products from the floor as much as both meet the intense scaling challenges now we fill got at Facebook, as well to to provide certain that the tools are the most particularly designed to let the employees produce their job in the most easy imaginable formulation,” he talked about.
  • Infrastructure, offering all company infrastructure that connects Facebook globally all the design thru the 80 international locations that Facebook on the 2nd operates.
  • Operations, which is smitten by offering carrier to the employees. These make of services are inclined to be what you yelp of as more frequent IT services.


Banerjea has stumbled on ways to deliver apart the role by thinking of it more esteem a frequent chief know-how officer roles he has had in the previous. “When I became once the CTO for Pearson Training, my predominant role became once helping fabricate services for school students and for educators, that are more marketable products,” Banerjea infamous. “[This] became once more much just like the CIO role at Facebook where we had instrument engineers, product managers and designers constructing products for educators and college students.”

Métis Nation Saskatchewan - Facebook CIO Atish Banerjea
Facebook CIO Atish Banerjea



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Banerjea inherited and has persisted to manufacture an engineering team that’s identical to the engineers who work on the buyer-facing products for the corporate. The adaptation is the level of curiosity inside of the project. He has stumbled on that because the inner products fill evolved, they take care of wants that possibilities additionally fill, and so his team and Facebook workers just as a lab of varieties, making an try out the worth of the products developed. He affords for occasion, a product known as Employee Security Compare. If someone is in a peril situation, they would possibly be able to designate themselves as stable thru Facebook for others to leer. “We built this internally sooner than it became once on hand externally,” talked about Banerjea. “The principle time we aged it became once when there became once an earthquake in Mexico in 2017. With the quantity of workers that we’re talking about, in the previous when we didn’t fill tools to provide certain that we had been ready to join with all of the employees, it would fill taken as much as four days. [With] the Employee Security Compare product we built for Facebook, now we fill got been ready to provide this in lower than 12 hours.”

Banerjea underscored that philosophically, his team is oriented to resolve Facebook’s acquire concerns, but when there are broader implications, so unparalleled the simpler. These products then grow to be accessible to others thru the corporate’s Place of work platform. “The extensive profit it has brought to Facebook is that the products grow to be better because of this because of we acquire an limitless quantity of suggestions externally,” infamous Banerjea. “We enhance the product, fabricate in aspects or produce adjustments to the product per the suggestions we’re receiving externally, which makes the product better for Facebook to boot. It is a long way a attach-attach.”

Acceptable as strategies would possibly maybe even additionally be shared from inside of mission thru to the Place of work team and platform, so, too, can resources be shared. Whether or no longer they’re instrument engineers, product managers, or designers, Facebook believes that engineers or designers would possibly maybe even aloof work on the concerns that they need to resolve. “In the assemble, product administration, and instrument engineering situation, now we fill got people going support and forth pretty continuously,” talked about Banerjea. “It enhances the organization and people’s careers because of it gives the different for people to be ready to in point of fact spend extensive time within Facebook growing their careers without needing to recede the corporate and scoot work in varied areas.”

By thinking otherwise, Banerjea has been ready to bring the next deliver of payment than the frequent CIO to the next deliver know-how company, fostering payment to Facebook workers and then, by extension, to the sector.

Peter Excessive is President of  Metis Draw, a industry and IT advisory company. His has written two bestselling books, moderates the Technovation podcast sequence, and speaks at conferences around the sector. Put together him on Twitter @PeterAHigh.




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