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Final week, the Fresh York Post reported that metropolis psychics are seeing a fundamental elevate in demand of. Clearly, in unsure times, folk witness answers. We requested 100 astrologers, clairvoyants, and other seers from at some level of the nation how their agencies have fared this year — and what their clients are making an attempt to understand.

The self: 34%

Relationships: 33%

Occupation: 20%

Money: 6%

Successfully being: 5%

Politics: 2%

Their families: 57%

The economy: 27%

COVID-19: 8%

The 2020 election: 7%

“The calls are seemingly to be frantic. Other folk absolutely tearing their hair out being with their family people 24/7. They’re asking questions about tips on how to address their kids. We’re no longer therapists, but we fill that role.” —Mary Miller, clairvoyant tarot reader

Altering jobs: 82%

Transferring away: 58%

Having kids: 13%

Adopting a pet: 7%

Prance: 71%

Prance: 70%

Prance: 61%

Prance: 41%

Better: 50%

Worse: 15%

Referring to the same: 35%

“Summers are usually unhurried. This year I am overbooked.” —Amy United states of americaa., psychic medium

“From Fresh York, Georgia, Florida, and California. Between Los Angeles and Boca Raton. It’s phone call after phone call.” —Stephanie Miller, psychic

• Boston Marathon bombing

• 9/11

• 2016 election

• 2009 recession

Prance: 58%

“I’m no longer a still-woo-woo particular person, but there has never been a time when now we have crucial extra healing and love on this planet than correct now.”—Suzie Kerr Wright, astrologer, tarot reader, and psychic medium

No: 75%

“I’m entirely doing phone readings for now, and I’ve decreased my charge so I’m in a position to aid extra folk.”—Valerie Morrison, psychic medium


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“I’ve been doing extra IGTV movies on Instagram.” —Elana Kilkenny, intuitive counselor and sacred-procedure dressmaker

“I’m offering Zoom-neighborhood tarot readings.” —Maisy, tarot reader

“I employed a PR particular person and starting up a Facebook Live series” —Marylee Trettenero, psychic-intuitive medium

“I’m doing on-line psychic-gorgeous events.” —Nancy Smith, psychic medium

Prance: 40%

No: 60%

Biden: 53%

Trump: 47%

“I heard, intuitively, that the vice-president takes over the White Home and this will most definitely be very conservative. I believed it intended Biden, but unfortunately the message repeated ‘very conservative,’ as in, Pence.” —Joan Carra, psychic medium

“I gaze a female disclose preserving the ‘bow of authority.’ Makes me deem that Kamala — no longer undoubtedly Biden, but Kamala — might draw the votes and rob.” —Elaine Clayton, psychic-intuitive medium

“How would you disclose worthwhile the election? Getting basically the most votes? Which will no longer aid. Be prepared for an October shock.” —Fahrusha, psychic

No: 48%

“Almost, unless an start air power interferes.”: 44%

Prance: 8%

“I organized a panel of astrologers for the Huge American Eclipse on the Edgar Cayce Heart in NYC. The complete panelists noticed Trump leaving place of job both due to the health or a forced departure.” —Joan Carra, psychic medium

Next year: 67%

In two years: 19%

This year: 9%

By no arrangement: 5%

Prance: 37%

No: 63%

“With Mars in retrograde and a diversity of other transits organising, the subsequent six months are going to be right as turbulent as the final word.”—Maisy, tarot reader

“China is extra in the news (no longer right news: threats).”—Cheryl Murphy, psychic and evidential medium

“We’re having a Pluto Return as a nation, and the upheaval is deep and painful. Pluto is ruthless in its quest for the truth and authenticity. The extra we withstand, the extra refined issues will accept and the extra delayed sure substitute will be. We deserve to lay low for the subsequent five months.” —Suzie Kerr Wright, astrologer, tarot reader, and psychic medium

“Immense volcanic eruption that kills many. Huge typhoon worse than Sandy.” —Andrew Anderson, psychic medium

*This text looks in the August 17, 2020, topic of Fresh York Journal. Subscribe Now!

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